Miyumi is a Moonflower that appears in the second season of Hanazuki Full of Treasures.


She lives on a moon similar to Hanazuki's moon. It has talking mountains with rainbows and a river of goop that can be used to replemish her trees. it's much more pink and purple, with lots of floating diamonds that you can ride on. Lollipops also grow naturally on her moon. Her moon is inhabited by sloths with hearts on their hands.


Her appearance is very different compared to all the other Moonflowers so far. She has dark skin, and very colorful clothes. She has pointy eyelashes with red stripes on her face. She wears multiple bracelets and has two black flowers on her head with stars on the tips of their pistils.


She is very confident, outgoing, and at times, a little vain. She is so confident that most of her treasure trees are glamorous teal ones, and her favorite sloth is a teal one named BB, who's often seen clinging around her. BB wears a little necklace around their neck and snaps around her to encourage Miyumi.


She is the first Moonflower to not follow the naming trend, where all female Moonflower names end with "zuki".

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