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  • I am nothing but at the same time everything (im genderfluid c; )
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  • Hey, I made new template called {{EpLinks}}, it's supposed to go into Episode's infoboxes, under the episode_links parameter. All you have to do is put the links of the respective language inside. Example is that under "eng" I'll put the English intro and under "rus" I'll put the Russian intro.

    The only one required is English, but the more links the better.

    Just thought you should know, you only need to do it if you're interested. I just thought it'd be nice to be able to get to the official episode from the wiki page.

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  • Renewed the Manual of Style and made Media rules too, thought you should know. I won't be renaming old images or anything, but I think the image naming rule will be a nice practice when there are more images in the wiki.

    What do you think?

    PS: I think it goes without saying, but I'm trusting you with new episode releases, good job :)

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  • When I saw the increase of pages in the wiki I freaked, big thanks, episode pages are really important in a wiki.Thanks also for placing articles in Category:Article stub even if you weren't sure about  the "stub" template, I really appreciate it.

    No pressure, of course, just some things I thought you should know:

    • As you might have noticed, there is now a slider on the main page (you can edit this by clicking on the arrow next to the "edit" button, and choosing "classic editor", then clicking the "modify" button that appears on the slider when you hover your mouse over it)
    • I renamed the Meteor Family page to the correct tile, "Meteor the Family". The wrong title is my bad, and I'm sorry.
    • I have made pages so that using templates may be understood easier, so far there is stub and Gallery page (I used this on A Moonflower is Born )
      • Gallery pages are basically where we'll put screenshots form the episode. If you don't understand how it works you can ask me about it, or just upload whatever screenshot you have and let me put it in.

    I thank you for all you've done and again, no pressure, I'm just saying these just in case you are interested. You can take a break if you want, I will too probably, but yeah. Have a good day!

    DeltaTee (talk) 07:16, April 12, 2017 (UTC)

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  • I just wanna say thank you for commeniting on my blog post and doing edits on this wiki. You know, according to statistics, roughly only 1% of internet communities are contributors, while the rest of the 99% are spectators. Thanks for being one of that 1%, and keep up the great work! I'm not an admin of this wiki, but if you have any ideas for it, tell me and I'm totally willing to help you.

    ((Also, I really appreciate you making a bunch of new pages, even if they tend to be short. Next time you make one, try going into Source Mode and type "  {{Stub}}  " on the first line so i can help in editing them. Again, thanks and I hope you always have a good day!))

    DeltaTee (talk) 10:25, April 2, 2017 (UTC)

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