A following number of mistakes and errors in the wed-series Hanazuki: Full of Treasures that made it through post-production to the official release. Errors may range from animation errors to writen contradictions.

Season One

A Moonflower is Born

  • The design of the red treasure tree shown in this episode is not consistent with the rest of the series
  • The rocket shaped treasure Little Dreamer departed to Hanazuki was never brought up again
  • Given that this is the first episode, it is possible that aspects of this episode was retconned as production continued

Little Blue Hemka

  • Little Dreamer gives Hanazuki the same Treasure he did last episode, but Hanazuki should already have it.

What's a Chicken Plant?

Slow Sand Rises

  • While Little Dreamer is flying around Dazzlessence Jones with the inactive treasure, it turns to its pink model for about three frames
  • During Dazzlessence dance in asking Hanazuki to leave, a part of his left hand is cut off when he raises it

Strange Gravity

Seeing Red

Moonflower Sister

Baby Chicken Plant

Only in Unicorn Dreams

  • Twisted Unicorn is shown wearing an eyepatch but in his other ongoing appearances he is not

Friend or Foe

Forgive and Forget

Brain in a Cave

True Colors