[ Abbreviated Theme Song ]

Scene: At Hanazuki's moon, Kiyoshi tries to get a treasure

Hanazuki: Okay, Kiyoshi, don't let those closed eyes fool you. He's all strategy, all the time.

Kiyoshi: This is hopeless! We've tried, like 20 times already!

Hanazuki: Knock it off! You can do this! (The Hemkas run over to Hanazuki.) Not now, Red, we're busy.

(Red Hemka runs off.)

Kiyoshi: You really think I can do this?

Hanazuki: I know so. (Little Dreamer gets close to the two.) Showtime, kid. What do when he weaves?

Kiyoshi: Bob?

Hanazuki: What do when he bobs?

Kiyoshi: Uh, weave?

Hanazuki: You're the man! Go get that treasure, baby! (Kiyoshi tries to get a treasure, but keeps on failing to do so. Afterwards, he gives the treasure to Hanazuki.) Huh?

Kiyoshi: Drat, I knew it! (Little Dreamer flies away.) Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no! If he doesn't hand me a treasure, I can't grow a treasure tree, and if I can't grow a treasure tree, I'll never learn how, and if I never learn how, I can't save my moon, and...

Hanazuki: Breathe, Kiyoshi. Breathe. We just have to go back to your moon, and learn how to grow them there. It's safer now.

Kiyoshi: But what if I can't figure out how?