(left to right) Orange, Blue, Red, Lime Green, and Yellow Hemka

Hemkas are small, colorful, bunny-eared, gumdrop shaped creatures that live on Hanazuki's moon and keep her company.


The Hemkas are the first creatures Hanazuki encounters in the show, she describeds them as "cushy and squeezy." They were startled by her sudden appearance at first, but were able to form a strong companionship with each other over time.

Each Hemka has a different color and represents a different mood. As of yet, not all of the Hemkas have had an episode dedicated to their individual mood.

Though they may not communicate as Hanazuki does, each Hemka has their own unique voice, personality and ways of expressing themselves. They are loving creatures who are often seen playing with each other or helping other Moon creatures in some way or another. But as seen in in the episodes Strange Gravity and Brain in a Cave, they tend to be selfish in the face of danger, doing anything they can to save themselves, even if it means putting others at risk.


The Hemkas are shown to have the ability to change their forms. Individually, they may mimic basic shapes, like how Orange turned into shapes such as a star or a ball in the first part of the episode Moonflower Sister, and Blue when he was flattened into a disc in Little Blue Hemka.

As a group, they turn into more complicated objects in multiple episodes like:


Below is a list of all Hemkas that have appeared in the show:


A Moonflower is Born (23)

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  • The plural form of "Hemka" is alternatively the same as its singular form in most media such as promotions and the mobile app game, but is exclusively "Hemkas" in the show.
  • Lavender is the only one that does not appear in the mobile game.
  • There is a Rainbow Hemka shown in promotional material, merchandise and the mobile game of the show but it is not an actual Hemka. It is a fusion of all of the Hemkas.