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This wiki is a collaborative site dedicated to Hasbro's Web Show, Hanazuki: Full of Treasures. Anyone can join and edit! If you need assistance, please contact an Administrator. So far, the wiki has 153 articles and 953 images and videos.
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Big Bad Sickness: "After finding Red Hemka on the Dark Side desperately weakened by Big Bad exposure, Hanazuki has no idea how to save him nor how bad the condition might get. Doughy Bunington’s the only one with any clue what to try, although he’s distressed it will necessitate a long journey and frets it won’t work anyway..."

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Little Blue Hemka: In Episode #2, Hanazuki accidentally flattens Blue Hemka and can’t figure out how to make him right again. She turns to him in the hopes of getting Sleepy to magically fix Blue, but Sleepy’s dark past with magic makes him reluctant to ever use magic again. When Hanazuki fails to get Sleepy’s help, Hanazuki reckons with the possibility that she has caused Blue irreparable harm.

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Hanazuki: Full of Treasures (logo stylized as "Han̈azüki: Full of Treasures") is a children's animated web series produced by Hasbro Studios and Titmouse Studios. It follows the adventures of an intergalactic humanoid Moonflower named Hanazuki, and her adventures in outer space. When dark forces threaten to destroy her moon, she embarks on an adventure and discovers that her many moods are the key to a great power that could save the galaxy. Episodes are released via Hasbro's Youtube channel.

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