Chicken Plant's Trench is a location found in Hanazuki's Moon. It is the area which Chicken Plant resides in, along with a few Treasure Trees.


The area is a large trench with a high, jagged, pink walls and grassy flooring similar to the land surrounding it. It is consistently shown to be between the Safety Cave and The Volcano of Fears.

It permanently houses Chicken Plant because of her inability to move, along with Yellow and Pink Treasure Tree which were grown in episodes What's a Chicken Plant? and Baby Chicken Plant respectively. A blue Treasure Tree was also grown here in Double Trouble, only to be relocated the following episode upon Chicken Plant's request.


  • Chicken Plant
  • Yellow Treasure Tree
  • Baby Chicken Plant (Temporary)
  • Pink Treasure Tree
  • Baby Chicken Plant Jr. (Temporary)
  • Blue Treasure Tree (Temporary)


  • Despite it being a common area for Chicken Plant, it was not adapted into the mobile game.