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Notes & trivia

  • This is where you can put notes and trivia, anything that is interesting or strange can be included hereThe day in the dream of little dreamer is the first short episode of hanazuki


Little dreamer is putting on a tourist outfit and takes pictures to make a treasure to deliiver to hanazuki he takes a picture of hanazuki’s moon he meets up hanazuki and dazzlelessons jones but it was all made up by rasberry hemka


  • little Dreamer
  • hanazuki
  • dazzlelessons jones
  • rasberry hemka
  • Yellow Hemka
  • pink hemka
  • red hemka
  • sleepy unicorn


  • This was the first time that they use the short movie animation
    A Day In The Dream Of Little Dreamer

    A Day In The Dream Of Little Dreamer