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• 5/5/2017

Introduce Yourself

New here? Tell me a bit about yourself, and I'm willing to do the same!
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• 5/13/2017
Hi I'm Grace, I'm a 18 year old girl, I'm a new fan of the show and I'm a huge Cartoon fan. I'm a part of many fandoms (too many to count)
• 10/29/2017
Hi I'm a brony and I like Hanazuki
I'm doing Chinese fan-subtitle of Hanazuki on bilibili.com
• 11/6/2017
Hi I'm a Fan of Hanazuki too, just recently watched it all yesterday.
And MAAAAAN this Fandom is like a ghost town after October~
• 11/14/2017
I'm DeltaTee, I love Hanazuki and animated media in general. I am currently the Admin of this wiki but I still have much to learn.
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